Are your doors supplied with a frame?

All of our steel doors are supplied with a frame. They are pre-hung with the hinges for ease of installation, offering an all-in-one security door solution.

When you buy a door it will include:

  • Fully welded 4 side door frame and threshold
  • Steel door leaf
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • All door locks or panic hardware:
    • Personal access and container doors: multi point locking mechanism
    • Fire escape doors: exidor panic hardware
  • Weather-proof Seals
  • Pre-finished in either a white powder coat or primed ready to be paintined (container doors & shutters)

The only item not included are the fixings. We highly recommended purchasing these, as our comprehensive fixing kit includes speed fit screw out lugs, fixings, a drill bit, silicone and even the tool needed to tighten the fixings!

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