Do your Hooply locks & handles fit container doors?

The industry standard lock installed in most container doors are Hooply brand. Even if the brand isn’t visible, if it looks like the lock below, it will be Hooply.

All Hooply brand locks and handles are compatible with each other, with only a couple of exceptions, which are installed in only a few doors in circulation.

The lock you will likely find is called a Hooply lock or gearbox, and is available to purchase here. It looks like this:

Hooply Lock Case Code ST8, used in many container doors
Hooply Lock Close Up showing brand
Hooply Mortice Lock Case

As for the Hooply handles installed on shipping containers, you are spoilt for choice! Our whole range is compatible. It’s most likely to be our 918901 handles, but you can view our full range here.

We are the industry leaders in Hooply hardware and offer the widest range of Hooply products. We even stock a range of spares, if you only need fixings, or oval cylinder protectors.

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